Earliest record: -250
Last record: 250

Language family: Germanic

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-250250Located in [1]
-120Attacked [1]
-114Attacked [1]
-114Attacked [2]
-113Attacked [3]
-113-101Wandering in
-101Attacked [3]

Location Info

  1. NE Jutland in area called Himmerland.
  2. Bohemia up Elbe R to Saxony, crossed Ore Mts. into Bohemia.
  3. Bosnia & Serbia along lower Save R up to Morava R.
  4. W H
  5. Noreia Roman fortress in Carinthia, A.
  6. S.W.D., land of the Helvetii, + Noricum, Gaul, and Spain. (See ref 182, Abb 51.)
  7. Vercelli (Piedmont, I)


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