Earliest record: -1900
Last record: -500

Language family: Greek

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-1900-1550Located in [1]
-1550Migrated to
-1550-1200Located in
-1200-1000Settled in [2]
-1000Migrated to [3]
-1000-500Located in
-800-775Settled in [2]
-800-700Settled in
-657-550Settled in
-650Settled in [4]

Location Info

  1. C & S Albania
  2. Corinthia + Thessaly, Phocis, Locris & Boeotia.
  3. {Corinthia + Thessaly, Phocis, Locris & Boeotia.} *{900-138}*
  4. N of Hermus (Gediz) R up to Pitane, incl Cyme. (All in AM).
  5. Lesbos, Anatolian coast
  6. {Lesbos, Anatolian coast} *{22-11}*
  7. Troas (Troy) region
  8. Side (S coast of AM)
  9. Sestos (also Madytos, Alopekonnesos) (Thrac. Chersones) & Ainos at mouth of Hebros R.
  10. Coastal areas of AM traversed by Skamander (Minderez), Kaikos (Bakarcai) and Hermos (Gediscai) RR.


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