Earliest record: -1300
Last record: -800

Language family: Semitic

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-1300-1100Located in [1]
-1112Migrated to [1]
-1100-1080Settled in [1]
-1100-800Located in
-1060Settled in [1]
-1060-900Located in
-1000Settled in [1]
-1000-900Attacked [2]
-1000-800Located in
-920Conquered [2]

Location Info

  1. Mountainous area E of Syria
  2. N of Aleppo, S of Amanus Mtns, TR
  3. Along Euphrates R, N Babylonia (Iraq).
  4. {Along Euphrates R, N Babylonia (Iraq).} *{313-5}*
  5. Kashiari Mtns, SW of Lake Van, TR
  6. {Kashiari Mtns, SW of Lake Van, TR} *{313-3}*
  7. Around & S of Damascus, Syria
  8. SE AM
  9. Syria
  10. Samal in Amanus Mts AM (modern Nur Daglari).


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