Earliest record: -450
Last record: -405

Language family: Greek

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-450Naval attack [1]
-425Naval attack [2]
-425Naval attack [2]
-425Attacked [2]
-424Naval attack [2]
-424-405Conquered [3]
-416Conquered [2]
-415-413Naval attack [2]
-406Naval attack [2]

Location Info

  1. Most of GR and Cyprus (see Putzger pg.12, Map I).
  2. Pylos, SW GR
  3. SW corner Aetolia (GR); SW of Messolongi.
  4. Sphacteria, near Sparta, S GR
  5. Island of Cythera (S of Peloponnese).
  6. Chalcedon, Byzantium (on Bosporus).
  7. Island of Melos (E of Peloponnese.)
  8. Across Ionian sea to Syracuse, Sicily.
  9. Arguinusae Islands, nr Lesbos


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