Earliest record: 700
Last record: 1683

Language family: Germanic

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700800Located in
700800Expanded to [1]
8001043Expanded to [2]
1683Attacked [3]

Location Info

  1. {RP Noricum Ripense same as Upper A, W of Enns R. + S Bavaria, bounded in W by Lech R, in S by Kufstein, in N by Danube, plus area between Boehmerwald and Danube R plus area N of Danube betw Lower Altmuehl and Regen RR. + Upper Eisack (Isarco) R, Rienz (Rienza) R, Upper Drave (Drau) R, and Bolzano area (N I) + Into Nordgau up to just before Nuremberg, parts of Oberpfalz (see Westermans Atlas p. 17, G2), & into Alpine VV} + {U Franconia (Oberfranken, see Westerman's Atlas p. 17, E/F 1/2)} *{900-542} + {196-10}*
  2. U Franconia (Oberfranken, see Westerman's Atlas p. 17, E/F 1/2)
  3. E A E of Vienna up to Leitha R
  4. Vienna, A


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