Earliest record: -814
Last record: -25

Language family: Semitic

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-814-146Located in
-800-700Settled in [1]
-600-500Conquered [2]
-600-236Located in
-573-241Located in
-573-238Located in
-573-25Located in
-500Settled in
-500-400Conquered [3]
-500-238Located in
-409Attacked [3]
-405Conquered [3]
-405Attacked [3]
-236-206Located in
-218-201Attacked [4]

Location Info

  1. Utica, also other cities in N. Africa: Hippo Diarrhytos (Bizerte), Hippo Regius (nr Annaba or Bone, Algeria), Hadrumetum (Susa, Sousse), Carthage (not just cities; country as drawn in Putzger, p. 22.)
  2. Malta
  3. Mod. Andalusia up to Cape of Nao at maximal extents. (Equivalent to (228-2).)
  4. {S & E Iberia, Ancient Tartessus (area of Lower Guadalquivir R).} *{228-2}*
  5. {NW Sicily e.g. Motye (Motya, San Pantaleo), Soloeis (Solunto), Panormos (Palermo).} *{25-5}*
  6. {Sardinia: Sulcis, Caralis Nora, Tharros.} *{225-5}*
  7. {Lixus (Larache in Spanish Morocco) (see p. 22 in Putzger)} *{900-938}*
  8. Coastal Corsica
  9. NW Sicily (see map ref 372)
  10. {Coastal Corsica} *{900-930}*
  11. Himera, NC Sicily
  12. Acragas, SC Sicily
  13. Gela, SE Sicily
  14. E Spain (see Putzger p. 22 pale blue area)
  15. {S & E Iberia, Ancient Tartessus (area of Lower Guadalquivir R).} + {E Spain (see Putzger p. 22 pale blue area)} *{228-2} + {900-931}*
  16. I


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