Earliest record: 271
Last record: 1100

Language family: Italic

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271Partial migration to
271Partial migration to
271500Located in
271600Located in
2711000Located in
2711100Located in
5001000Were assimilated [1]
600800Were assimilated [1]

Location Info

  1. Serbia & Macedonia
  2. Area of Greater BG empire (W BG, E Serbia & E Macedonia)
  3. Macedonia
  4. Serbia
  5. Dacia RP
  6. {Area of Greater BG empire (W BG, E Serbia & E Macedonia)} *{901-54}*
  7. Macedonia (YU, GR)
  8. Serbia


  1. Vukanovia, Tatomir. 1974. L'EthnogenSse des Slaves du Sud. [Serbo-Croat with French summary] Bulletin du Mus,e de Vranje 10:1-370 + 37 pl.