Earliest record: -2200
Last record: -1100

Language family: Baltic

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-2200-1550Located in [1]
-1550-1100Located in
-1500-1250Expanded to [2]
-1500-1100Located in
-1400-1100Expanded to [2]

Location Info

  1. C Russia (maps 12a(x) & 14a(26), CS Atlas)
  2. {C Russia (maps 12a(x) & 14a(26), CS Atlas).} *{172-37}*
  3. Along Belaja R as far as S Ural Mts.
  4. {Along Belaja R as far as S Ural Mts.} *{38-10}*
  5. E along Volga R & its tributaries, lower Oka, Sura, lower Vjatka, lower Kama RR.


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