Earliest record: 800
Last record: 1000

Language family: Slavic

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800900Expanded to [1]
8001000Located in
850950Partial migration to [1]
8501000Located in

Location Info

  1. Psjol, Vorskla, Upper Don & Sever Donec RR.
  2. {Left bank Middle Dnepr R plus Sejm & Desna RR.} + {Psjol, Vorskla, Upper Don & Sever Donec RR.} *{13-51} + {13-53}*
  3. Lower Don R, Azov, Taman
  4. {Lower Don R, Azov, Taman} *{13- 54}*


  1. Vana, Zdenek. 1970. Einfuehrung in die Fruehgeschichte der Slawen. Karl Wachtholz Verlag, Neumuenster, BRD. 144 pp.