Earliest record: -431
Last record: -405

Language family: Greek

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-424Attacked [1]
-422Attacked [1]
-418Attacked [1]
-411Naval attack [1]
-410Naval attack
-405Naval attack [1]

Location Info

  1. Attica, GR
  2. Delium or Delion (area due E of Thebes, GR.)
  3. Chalcidice, GR
  4. Amphipolis, GR
  5. Mantinea, due W of Argos
  6. N, via Aegean Sea to Canakkale (Cynossema), nr Abydos AM.
  7. Cyzicus (Kyzikos) along Sea of Marmara, AM side.
  8. Aegospotami, N of Abydos, AM


  1. The Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C. 1979. pp. 74, No. 4. In Barraclough, Geoffrey, (ed.). Times Atlas of World History. Time Books Limited, London. 360 pp.