Earliest record: 1325
Last record: 1970

Language family: Slavic

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13251525Settled in [1]
13251550Were assimilated [1]
1350Partial migration to [2]
14501970Located in [3]
15501970Located in
16001800Partial migration to [1]

Location Info

  1. Byelorussia: Hrodno, Minsk, Troki (modern Trakai), Vilna.
  2. Byelorussia: Hrodno, Minsk, Troki (modern Trakai), Vilna; PL: Bialystok.
  3. E BG
  4. Tatar ASSR & scattered in SU (Area outlined on map, p.56 of ref 229.)
  5. {Byelorussia: Hrodno, Minsk, Troki (modern Trakai), Vilna; PL: Bialystok.} *{229-12}*
  6. Ottoman Empire


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