Earliest record: -500
Last record: -30

Language family: Thraco-Phrygian

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-500-375Located in
-376Settled in [1]
-376-375Attacked [2]
-376-300Located in
-375-100Located in
-339-335Attacked [2]
-100-30Were assimilated [2]

Location Info

  1. {Betw Isker (Iskar) & Velika Morava RR}, but also lower portion of Southern (Juz.) Morava R. (See ref 117, map p.132.) *{See {117- 3}, area in bracket.}*
  2. Hinterlands of Abdera & Maroneia (modern Maronia, S of Komotini)
  3. Abdera (Thracian coast)
  4. {Hinterlands of Abdera & Maroneia (modern Maronia, S of Komotini)} *{40-52}*
  5. BG portion of {900-283}. This is roughly between Struma and Iskar RR.
  6. Macedonia
  7. Betw lower S Morava & Isker RR


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