Earliest record: -1800
Last record: -1700

Language family: Unknown

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-1800-1700Located in [1]

Location Info

  1. YU Danube Basin (includes: Szava nr Siklos, Gradina on Bosut R, Vinkovci, Sirmia, part of Slavonia, Baranja area, Svetozarevo in W Serbia, Szeged in H.)


  1. Tasia, Nikola. 1983. Das jugoslawische Donaugebiet von der indoeuropaeischen Wanderung bis zum Vorstoss der Skythen. [In Serbo-Croat, with German summary] Matica Srpska, Dept. of Social Sciences. Balcanological Institute, SANU Special edition No. 17. Novi Sad. 167 pp. + 29 pl.